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Professional Projects

GamePe - Tambola & Live Hosts

GamePe is a gaming platform with multiple social games that are presented live by hosts, who entertain and engage the players throughout their game sessions. The hosts add an additional layer of personalized engagement for the players through live chat, emojis and special events.

Link : Google Play


Project Brief

To create a gaming platform that can support multiple causal/hyper-casual games in PvE and PvP format, where the gameplay loop is conducive for social interaction between game hosts and players on the platform.


Tools used

  • Unity

  • Google Sheets

  • Google Docs

  • Figma


Process description

The process of ideation and brainstorming were undertaken once the market research was done. This was the first step towards defining the game loop of the platform. Initially the platform started as a singular game which was pivoted into a game platform with various games.

By this point tasks like documentation, UI/UX flow and establishing the game’s economy were undertaken. This was the foundation that defined overall user experience, retention, engagement and monetization capabilities of the platform.

As this is a live service project the systems and features of the game are constantly in flux depending on the data inputs that are gleaned from the analytics.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • System Design

  • Game economy balancing

  • Documentation

  • UI/UX Design

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