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Game Designer


Hi, I’m Abhishek and welcome to my game design realm. I've spent three dynamic years designing mobile and console gaming experiences. 

After being the driving force behind the successful launch of at least three captivating game titles(and more yet to come),  I've navigated the thrilling highs of game releases. Beyond the victories, I've also gained valuable insights from the challenges of in-house project cancellations, turning setbacks into opportunities for growth and learning.

Communication is my forte—clear, honest, and collaborative. I bring accountability to every project, from system and level design to gameplay and economy balancing. 

I love deep combat systems irrespective of the game genre. Going forward I would like to specialize in crafting immersive combat systems.And whenever the opportunity presents itself, I consider myself fortunate to turn passion into play.

I think I have covered everything in broad strokes. I thank you for having a look at my portfolio. If you have any thoughts or feedback for me do reach out at or any other link that you found here.

Thanks again!!



Ogre Head Studios



National Institute of Design,


+91 9082122846

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