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Personal Projects

F2P Feature Systems Design

This project was an exercise in simulating game features, systems and economy using the platform known as Machinations. This was achieved via breaking down common systems that exist in F2P shooter games and then modelling the recognised systems into various design patterns using Machinations.

Project Brief

The project brief was to Design and develop diagrams/models that encapsulate gameplay and game economy of F2P games on mobile platforms.Specifically, to understand the gameplay/operating patterns and the monetization strategies of F2P shooter games. Then use that knowledge/information to create and design generic diagrams/models of the same, using the Machinations modelling tool.


Tools used

  • Machinations

  • Adobe InDesign


Process description

I researched F2P shooters on mobile and recognised the systems that are commonly implemented across the genre. The next step was to model the identified systems using Machinations. In this project, I was able to

  • Break down systems observed in F2P shooter games and model them into design patterns.

    • By observing and documenting the game mechanics and features present in top-grossing mobile shooters to engage and retain their player base.

  • Gain an understanding of how the F2P game economies function.

    • By understanding how different games handle their in-game currencies and their overall game economy and figuring out the implementation of different monetization strategies such as In-App purchases(IAP), In-App advertisements, rewarded videos, battle passes etc.

  • Learn the game feature/economy modelling tool called Machinations.

    • By condensing the knowledge of F2P games and constructing design patterns for gameplay and in-game features and gaining overall experience in drafting and implementing design diagrams in Machinations.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Feature/System modelling in Machinations

  • Documentation

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