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Personal Projects


Manthan is an interactive table-top card sequence game inspired by the parallels between Dharmic epic of Samudra Manthan and LHC at CERN.


Project Brief

There is a set of prompt cards. Pick 4 prompt cards from the given set randomly. Combine the prompts and make a game in the prescribed medium. In case of this project the prompts were - Corruption, Amrita, CERN and card game.


Tools used

  • Google Sheets

  • Office stationeries (for paper prototyping)

  • Laser CNC machine (for hi-def prototype)

  • Adobe Illustrator


Process description

This game’s research was directed by the prompt words. There are many parallels between CREN, Amrit, Corruption and the Samudra Manthan epic from the Dharmic pantheon. 
The team expanded on these concepts and laid them over the scientific concepts explored, discovered and employed at CERN. The card game employed the motif of Asura and Devas. The game has two teams of two, where the teammates have to cooperate and the teams need to compete between each other, capturing the essence of Samudra Manthan. The objective was to discover the Amrut formula using the Ratnas(game state changing cards).

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Gameplay design

  • Game balancing

  • Paper prototyping

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